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T Issues Environmental Projects

Educator skills training at EnviroCom December 2006'

T Issues Environmental Projects

Projects Undertaken

The following projects have been conducted by T Issues Consultancy Commercial in confidence reports/programs from all of these projects are available if required. Project Managers for each project would be happy to provide feedback about the quality of the work, if required.


Department of Environment Climate Change and Water
The Toolkit for Environmental Sustainability Action Planning has been developed for NSW Councils to assist them in undertaking environmental sustainability action planning. It will help corporate planners, environmental managers and staff, financial managers and members of Council’s executive team to work though the challenging process of action planning. The Toolkit for Environmental Sustainability Action Planning is comprised of three components: the Environmental Sustainability Action Planning Guidelines, the Environmental Sustainability Action Plan Template and the Environmental Sustainability Action Planning Programming Tool. Grahame Collier developed all three components – the third in conjunction with Fil Cerone [Sustainable Visions] and Peter Kefalas and Joanne Rowell [Holding Hands].

Project Manager: Colleen Wong
Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water

Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils [WSROC]
Throughout 2011 and 2012 Grahame will be working with Sandy Booth from Total Catchment Management (TCM) Services in delivering the Our Place Initiative WSROC. Through this project we will advocate, lead and assist the co-development and implementation of this product which we have called - the WSROC Our Place Knowledge Stream. And hold a number of broad-based and comprehensive stakeholder engagement processes in the planned series of Our Place Conversations (forums) across Western Sydney.

Project Manager: Colin Berryman

NSW Office of Water: The Water for Life Advancing Leaders Program

Undertook the Leadership Development aspect of this project. This involved mentoring eighteen local government emerging leaders – administering and communicating the results of a 360 Review Tool and a Myers Briggs assessments for each participants, coaching, training and ongoing support – provision of learning materials about aspects of leadership.

Project Manager: Reid McNamara, Sarah Reid
Office of Water [then Department of Water and Energy]


Department of Environment Climate Change and Water (2): Let’s Clear the Air Kit

Development of this kit with Kerry Hides Pearson from TerraCordis. This kit was substantially edited by DECCW prior to release as all air quality and health references were removed.

Project Manager: Janice Bagot and Geoff Young
Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water

Sydney Catchment Authority: Development Assessment Education Program

This 12 month project was conducted by the TKG consortium [Phil Smith Tim Fitzroy and Grahame Collier] for the SCA The Development Assessment Training Program is the first stage in a comprehensive education strategy to facilitate the implementation of the R.E.P. The strategy has been developed to assist with the introduction of Sustaining the Catchments, the regional plan for drinking water catchments of Sydney and adjacent regional centres and it is comprised of training for local councils, state agencies and key consultants.

The project delivered over 20 strategic workshops with local government staff. It was evaluated by the consortium against an outcomes hierarchy and some major findings were:

  • 93 % (14/15) of councils targeted by the SCA were involved in this program. Most of these councils were heavily involved in all aspects of Part 4 and Part 5 training.

  • All councils, where there is a significant level of overlap with the SCA region, namely Palerang, Goulburn Mulwaree, Upper Lachlan, Oberon, Blue Mountains, Wollondilly, Shoalhaven and Lithgow were fully involved in the project.

  • A restricted but appropriate level of involvement was gained from other councils where the area of overlap was limited.

  • The Development Assessment Training program has improved links between the SCA and constituent councils and consultants working within the SCA region.

Sydney Catchment Authority: Never Enter a Special Area - Compliance Program for the Metropolitan Special Area, Appin

Development of an education/compliance program to inform people about not entering a special area.

Project Manager: Stephen Waite
Education Manager
Sydney Catchment Authority


NSW Department of Environment and Conservation [DEC]: Illegal Dumping and Deterrence Grants Program Review and Case Studies:

A review, development of project report and case studies on the Illegal Dumping and Deterrence Grants Program. This project involved a formal report to the DEC, the development of a public reporting document and eight case studies of activity under the program. It was conducted with Fil Cerone for Impact Environmental.

Project Manager: Layla McNeil
Senior Project Officer
NSW Department of Environment and Conservation


Municipal Association of Victoria [MAV]
Smart Septic Solutions: Development of an education kit about septic management . This kit is aimed at local government and provides a comprehensive set of education material and information about how to use it and evaluate it.

Project Manager: Nathaniel Muller
Project Officer [for the bulk of the project]
Municipal Association of Victoria

Project Manager Nina Keith
Project Officer [at the end of the project]
Municipal Association of Victoria

Goulburn Mulwaree Council: Water Quality Education Framework:

A project conducted for the Sydney Catchment Authority for the Goulburn Mulwaree Shire Council. This project provided a strategic framework to the Council in the implementation of a comprehensive education program to be used to assist the community manage the extraction of water from the river back into the town’s drinking water.

Project Manager: Stacey Fraser
Education Officer
Sydney Catchment Authority

Project Manager: Stephen Waite
Education Manager
Sydney Catchment Authority


Australian Water Association:  

Research into Water Education and Development of Strategic Plan for Water Education for the AWA. Also development of 1 day workshop about how to design and deliver community education for the AWA, held in conjunction with the Water Education Conference in January 2004.

Project Manager: Ian Jarman
Chief Operations Officer
Australian Water Association


Sydney Catchment Authority [SCA]

Development and implementation of SCA Education Strategy. Training of SCA staff in environmental education [about water] service delivery. Development of Education program options for Warragamba Dam. Ongoing. Contracted by the SCA to develop the NSW Water Education Plan and to facilitate a workshop with key stakeholders in early 2005.

Project Managers: Alison White [Manager Communications] and
Stephen Waite [Education Manager] 


Yarra Valley Water 

Learn it Live it School Education package. Teacher professional development workshop to implement the kit.

Project Manager: Roberta Styles Wood
Program Manager
Yarra Valley Water


Broken Hill City Council:  Stormwater Education Program

Development of Community Education Program on Stormwater [ongoing in partnership with Elton Consulting].

Project Manager Peter Oldsen
Environment Manager
Broken Hill City Council

Young Shire Council Mentees, Sally Atkinson and Kira Lee Forster with Grahame.



You have contributed so much over the years in this space ,and I for one acknowledge all the hard work that you have done for water education.  I think it has progressed significantly over the years. Roy Hallam, WA Water Corp


Thank you for all the dedication you have put into the Australian Water Association [AWA] and making the education network what it is. It is people like you that make the environmental education world so awesome to be in. Fleur Johnson, Australian Water Association


By far the best feature of the program was Grahame – our Mentor – his enthusiasm and passion for sustainability & the program, his encouragement and knowledge. Thanks HEAPS. Sally Atkinson, Centroc Mentoring Program


Thank you for the opportunity. Enjoyed the workshop, it was relaxed and entertaining whilst encouraging thinking and self reflection

Great –valuable to share and learn from others. Particpants at Centroc methoring Program – Final Meeting


Grahame brilliant – knowledge, direction, giving of his time & skills, has offered knowledge/contact for future - thanks heaps  NPDISE project partner


Thank you Grahame for all your hard work and fantastic patience and dedication to the forum! Wyong CC Danielle Hargraeves Tuggerah Forum


Thank you for sending through the final report, I’ve just finished reading it and found it a really interesting read, especially the individual reports regarding the learning plans- I think those results really reflect what we noticed with individual participants too. In addition, the report also demonstrated to me the value you have added to the program through your experience and individual coaching and mentoring- so thank you for the outstanding job you’ve done over these past 9 months, it definitely wouldn't have been the program it was, and or, achieved the results it has without you! Sarah Reid



Very good at chasing down hard to get information. Very persistent yet professional in delivering results. Solid communication and interpersonal skills. Layla McNeil


Extremely well suited to the task, providing a service above and beyond what was expected. Grahame has provided the MAV with a fantastic, comprehensive education program that will significantly improve local government’s ability to influence people’s behaviour. Nathaniel Muller


Provided the MAV with a useful product, which will be invaluable in helping to build the capacity of Victorian councils .A committed and passionate exponent of education to improve environmental management. Nina Keith



Efficient and quick. Flexibility according to client’s needs and circumstances. Ability and willingness to understand local political issues and adapt accordingly. Stacey Fraser



Ability to pick up nuance of political context. Stephen Waite


The overall professionalism and adaptability of T Issues exceeded expectations. AWA achieved its desired outcomes from both a project management…and strategic development perspective. Ian Jarman


Expert level of knowledge of environmental education. Alison White [Manager Communications] Stephen Waite [Education Manager]


Feedback from participants showed Grahame’s style and enthusiasm was well received. He created a day that flowed well was jam packed with participation and oozed enthusiasm from the facilitator and participants alike. Roberta Styles Wood