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'Educator skills training at EnviroCom December 2006'

Grahame Collier is a highly experienced and innovative trainer. He believes in interactivity in the delivery of training and places a high priority on involving participants in their own learning. All training that Grahame delivers will be engaging and fun. Evaluation of all training activities is a specialty.



Birds Australia
Education Skills Workshop – a one day workshops for all Birds Australia scientific and project staff on the effective use of education for behaviour change. An initial workshop for Birds Australia staff. Pre and post workshop data was collected and a comparative evaluation report developed.

Project Manager: Aimee Freimanis – now at Parramatta Council and Annette Cook.

Becoming a Successful Mentor [for Climate Change] Workshop. A workshop designed and delivered in Cowra for Centroc about mentoring and how to be a successful mentor, specifically to support broader understanding of climate change. The objectives of the workshop were:

  •  Enhance understanding of mentoring and its importance [in climate change adaptation/mitigation]
  •  Reflect on personal mentoring history and take some learning from it
  •  Improve capacity/skills to mentor peers and staff
  •  Identify people that can be mentored into the future and how to apply learning from the session in work in Council
  •  Improve confidence to work in a mentoring role

Project Manager: Rachael Young Centroc

Local Government and Shires Association
Motivating Morris and Mavis Workshop for Sustainable Choice. This workshop was purpose built for procurement staff in local government and focussed on assisting them to motivate behaviour shift among their local government colleagues.

Project Manager: Claire Huckerby. LGSA Sustainable Choice

Department of Environment Climate Change and Water [now Office of Environment and Heritage]
Workshop Series 2011 for the Education for Sustainability [EfS] Professional Learning Hub for Practitioners and Providers. With Hazel Storey [the Storey Agency] sixteen workshops were developed and delivered in a variety of formats:

  • Workshops for Education for Sustainability [EfS] Practitioners delivered face-to-face
  • Workshops for those who provide training, support and publications for EfS practitioners known as Provider Workshops delivered face-to-face
  • Webinar versions of both Provider and Practitioners workshops conducted on-line

These workshops were positively evaluated and caused a significant increase in the use of the EfS Learning Hub.

Project Managers; Belinda Billing and Karen Paroissien [DECCW]

Randwick City Council
Skills for Leading our Community Forward – Two day [over four Saturdays] leadership development workshop for community members.
The objectives were that participants at the program will walk away with:

  • Increased understanding of leadership and leadership styles
  • An improved perception of their own leadership style and capacity
  • Enhanced confidence as a leader in their community
  • Improved communication skills as they relate to leadership
  • A sense of their continuing leadership development pathway.
  • A smile on their face.

Twenty people completed the workshop and it was very positively evaluated by all participants.

Project Manager: Fiona Campbell. Project Evaluator. Phillip Booth UNSW.

Sydney Water Corporation
Grahame developed the draft of the Youth Education Strategy for Sydney Water. This draft strategy identifies priority target audiences, goals and outcomes for programs, and includes an evaluation framework to measure outcomes over the longer term. It provides key actions for delivery in the period to 2014. Of particular interest is that the draft strategy contains a decision making process to determine the value of current and future education projects to Sydney Water.

Project Manager: Jenny Fisher Sydney Water Corporation

Warringah Council
A Strategic Approach to Consultation about the Possible Dredging of Narrabeen Lagoon.
Warringah Council recently resolved to investigate the suitability of undertaking carefully selective water depth dredging of Narrabeen Lagoon, to enhance the recreational use of the Lagoon primarily for kayaking and sailing, provided that the environmental values of the Lagoon are not compromised. A significant consultation process is being undertaken early in 2012 to assess community views on this issue. Grahame developed the strategic approach to this consultation. He did not undertake the consultation process but developed the Request for Quotation [RFQ] document for it. .

Project Managers – Jodie Crawford and Joanne Lawry. Warringah Council

Sydney Environmental Educators Network [SEEN] and Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management Authority [SMCMA].
Development Facilitation and evaluation of Talking Up Biodiversity Workshops for those involved in educating the community about biodiversity in the Sydney Metro area.

Judy Christie and Helen Kemp [Sydney Metro CMA] and Sue Martin [SEEN].

Local Government and Shires Associations
Development, delivery and evaluation of the Understanding Sustainability for Councillors workshop for Centroc councilors.

Ruth Niemczyk
Learning Solutions

Universities Admissions Centre [UAC]
Development, delivery and evaluation of Customer Services Officer Training for UAC. These workshops assisted staff to develop, and commit to use, communication devices designed to assist Customer Services Officers to make decisions about applicant needs and efficient approaches to handling calls.

Donna Munro
University Admissions Centre

Randwick City Council and Waverley Council
Backyard Educators Workshops - Compost Revolution. This workshop series provided training [and developed a training package] for those people who volunteered to be engaged with community outreach as part of the broader Compost Revolution Program. They aimed at:

  • Increasing confidence in, and knowledge of, how to engage people in conversations about sustainability.

  • Enhancing capacity to plan and deliver education workshops about composting.

  • Improving skills in workshop facilitation, most especially the capacity to prompt interactive discussion among participants.

Lauren Michener
Waverley Council

Local Government and Shires Associations – Urban Sustainability Support Alliance [USSA] Project
Significant input into the development of USSA Sustainability Training Package
The Sustainability Training Package is aimed at council staff such as educators, sustainability coordinators, human resource training officers and those looking to use training as a tool to progress sustainability in their council.

Niki Carey
Assistant Strategy Manager - Environment
Local Government and Shires Associations of NSW

Local Government Sustainability Training Package is now available from the USSA website at: http://www.lgsa-plus.net.au/www/html/3551-sustainability-training-package.asp!
This Training Package was developed by Sue Martin and Niki Carey from the Local Government and Shires Associations with assistance from Grahame Collier from T Issues Consultancy. It is based on the Urban Sustainability Support Alliance (USSA) Sustainability Intensive training program that was delivered in 39 councils between 2008 and 2010. This program was originally developed by Grahame Collier in partnership with the Local Government and Shires Associations of NSW (LGSA). It builds on an ESD training program, also developed by T Issues, that the LGSA undertook in 2005-2007. It also builds on the learnings from the LGSA’s Climate Change Action Planning for Local Government Workshop Package.[Niki Carey]

Local Government and Shires Associations – Urban Sustainability Support Alliance [USSA] Training
Mentoring of the USSA’s Sustainability Learning Officer over a 15 month period. This mentoring was designed to support the officer to design, deliver and evaluate intensive training programs with identified Councils. Previously training has been developed, delivered and evaluated by T Issues. This approach mainstreamed and integrated the program with other USSA activities.

Niki Carey and Sue Martin
Local Government and Shires Associations of NSW

Great training is about communication and problem solving together


Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water [DECCW]
In conjunction with Hazel Storey [The Storey Agency] Grahame will be delivering twelve workshops to train practitioners and service providers in the use of the Education for Sustainability Professional Learning Hub. These will occur early in 2011 – see: www.efslearninghub.net.au.

Belinda Billing

National Professional Development Inititative for Sustainability Educators [NPDISE]
Making it Happen: Building and Communicating your Business Case for Edcuation for Sustainability. Grahame is currently developing this workshop for the NPDISE – see www.npdise.com.au.

Project Manager: Pat Armstrong
Waste Management Association of Australia

Southern Councils Group. Waste and Resource Recovery Training
Training for local government staff about sustainability and waste management programs
Project Manager: Susan Dixon
Department of Environment and Climate Change


Business Treading Lightly - BTL Training Series

Development, delivery and evaluation of three one day workshops for BTL staff and Local Government staff. Conducted with Phil Smith


Project Manger: Marianne Jones

Business Treading Lightly

Local Government and Shires Associations  (3) [LGSA]: 
Demonstrating ESD: Workshops for Councils in How to Operate More Sustainably

or the LGSA. All workshops were evaluated and a significant report was provided on the project.


In 2007 T Issues, again with Fil Cerone, conducted Phase 2 of this project. Seven additional regional workshops were held across NSW.Detailed information and an evaluation reports are to be found on the LGSA Website at www.lgsa.org.au

Robert Verhey
Strategy Manager Environment
Local Government and Shires Association

In 2007 and 2008. Seven intensive 21 hour purpose built workshops for individual councils or consortia of councils were developed, delivered and evaluated. There was significant interest in this intensive training approach with over 24 expressions of interest being submitted from over 60 councils across NSW. An evaluation of the Phase 2 program is available on the LGSA website. www.lgsa.org.au


Project Managers: Robert Verhey and Niki Cary
Strategy Manager Environment



Investa Safety  [Environment and OH&S] training for all Investa staff

Development and delivery of training for all Investa staff [Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth offices] to introduce the new Safety, Health and Environmental management System and to reduce the risk of safety, health and environmental incidents.

Project Manager: Shaun Condon

Learning Solutions  LGSA - Understanding Sustainability for Councillors

Development, delivery and evaluation of a one day training workshop for Councillors – delivered once by Grahame Collier but on other occasions by other trainers.

Project Manager: Ruth Niemcyzk
Learning Solutions


Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts. Better Water Workshops

As part of a team managed by TCM Services for GHD, designed and delivered training for 20 water authorities ar.


Project Manger: Sandy Booth

TCM Service

Sydney Metro Catchment Management Authority (2): Influencing and Motivating Behaviour Workshops.

Nine workshops held around NSW after piloting and adapting of original workshops for the SMCMA. This one day workshop was aimed at increasing the understanding of participants about behaviour and how to motivate changes and it was also designed to build their capacity to develop and deliver behaviour change programs.


Project Managers: Leanne Hanvey & Judy Christie
CSO & Regional Facilitator
Sydney Metropolitan CMA


Clarendon Homes. Training for Your Home Buyers Guide

Twelve workshops for all Clarendon Sales and Contract staff [note Investa was the parent company at that time] about using the Your Home Buyers Guide effectively with customers


Project Manager: Gabrielle Kuiper


WA Chapter of the Australian Association for Environmental Education: Two-day Evaluation Workshop – Knowing that it Works.
This workshop was hosted by the WA Chapter of AAEE and provided training for 35 participants drawn from state and local government and non-government agencies in WA. The workshop was delivered with Phil Smith.

Justin Mowatt
Workshop Facilitator


Northern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils: Two-day Evaluation Workshop – Knowing that it Works.
This workshop was hosted by the Northern Sydney ROC and provided training for 25 participants drawn from local government and non-government agencies in the northern metropolitan area of Sydney. The one-day workshop was delivered with Phil Smith.

Hazel Storey Workshop organiser
Environmental Education and Policy Officer,
Hornsby Council

NSW Environmental Trust: Workshops for Potential Grant Applicants Designed to Improve the Quality of Grant Applications.
This project was conducted with Caroline Ford and delivered twelve workshops around NSW aimed at improving the quality of the grant applications from non-government and local government agencies in the 2006 round of funding. Environmental Education and Restoration and Rehabilitation Program only

Project Manager: Leah Andrews
Senior Project Officer
Department of Environment and Conservation (Environmental Trust)

This project was reworked and repeated in 2008 with Phil Smith and Caroline Ford.

Project Manager: Denise Gonzales

Environmental Trust


Department of Environment and Conservation NSW: Sustainability Advantage Program – Engaging your Staff in Sustainability.
Development and piloting of a training module aimed at assisting businesses to engage their staff in sustainability. Thesis project occurred in 2006 and a second module was developed for this series

Frouke de Reuver
Senior Project Officer
Department of Environment and Conservation NSW [note this project was delivered in 2006 prior to the name change for this agency]

Department of Environment and Conservation NSW: Sustainability Advantage Program – Building Relationships outside your Business.
Development and piloting of a training module aimed at assisting businesses to build relationships outside their businesses. This project was undertaken in conjunction with Eedra Zey.


Project Manager: Frouke de Reuver
Senior Project Officer
Department of Environment and Conservation NSW [note this project was delivered in 2006 prior to the name change for this agency]


EnviroCom: Training of EnviroCom staff.
Two one day workshops delivered late in 2006. One workshop was for the senior consultants at EnviroCom and focused on Leadership Skills; the second was for a larger group of EnviroCom staff and provided training in Advanced Education Skills. These workshops also resulted in team building outcomes for EnviroCom.


Project Manager: Paula Harrison


Department of Environment and Climate Change: Understanding and Managing Change Workshop.
This one-day workshop was conducted with Phil Smith for staff in the NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change


Project Manager: Karen Wakeley

Department of Environment and Climate Change


Sydney Catchment Authority [SCA]: Education Skills for Non-Educators Training Program. 
The development and delivery of a training program for non-education specialists on the SCA staff to assist them to understand, plan and deliver education.

Project Manager: Stephen Waite
Education Program Manager
Sydney Catchment Authority


Wentworth Area Health Service. Men @ Work
Training of volunteers from a number of Men's Health Support Groups to deliver the Men @ Work  program within local organisations and businesses.

Project Manager: Michael Orchard
Men's Health Coordinator
Wentworth Area Health Service


Aerial Agriculture Association of Australia. Training Related Projects
Review of the assessment processes used within the Operation Spraysafe Program for agriculture pilots.

Project Manager: Phil Hurst
CEO Aerial Agriculture Association of Australia

Sydney Environmental Education Network
Development and delivery of
training workshops for members of the network.

Project Manager: Sue Burton



Yarra Valley Water: Learn It Live it Project.
Delivery of teacher professional development workshop.

Roberta Styles Wood
Yarra Water

Australian Water Association. Post Conference Workshop [Canberra Jan 2004]
Delivery of a one day workshop on water education.

Project Manager: Clare Porter

Australian Water Association


Sutherland Shire Council  Becoming Sustainable.
A training kit produced for  to assist community to understand sustainability.

Project Manager: Justin Sauvage
Sustainability Educator
Sutherland Shire Council



Thank you for presenting in such a collaborative fashion [Lauren McIver – Greenway Sustainability Project]


Lovely and useful, also good to meet like-minded. Great to have an educator to lead workshop. [Participant Talking Up Biodiversity Workshop]


Grahame was fantastic. I really enjoyed today, especially meeting other people passionate about the same things I am. I will definitely contact and work with some of them [Participant Talking Up Biodiversity Workshop]


Fantastic workshop-thanks so much, I have come away with lots of ideas and enthusiasm.

Thank you so much for a very informative day. So much to do in so little time…[Participant Talking Up Biodiversity Workshop]



Very satisfied with level of focus and enthusiasm that was maintained throughout the life of the project. Strong Educational / Facilitation background, meticulous attention to detail. Robert Verhey



There was a good rapport between T Issues and the CMA in planning the workshop and responding to comments or suggestions. In workshop delivery the ability to actively engage participants and to have a comfortable, non-confrontational style resulted in a highly interactive workshop. Breadth of experience and local knowledge of environmental issues and personal contacts - Ability to understand the audience’s needs and how to address those needs - Knowledge of behaviour change and a good range of activities to deliver workshop content. Leanne Hanvey &a-top: 0.05cm; margin-bottom: 0.05cm" align="center"> ........................


Well prepared, friendly, personable, and you were very inclusive to the participants and provided a genuinely useful resource. Justin Mowatt


Years of experience – specifically that Grahame has been involved with Outcomes Hierarchy for some time. Excellent facilitation with a good range of exercises and activities for this particular group. Good pace, gentle and encouraging. Hazel Storey


A high degree of professionalism was used in the conduct of the project. Under relatively problematic conditions an excellent outcome was achieved by this project and I am confident we will see an overall improvement to the quality of applications submitted to the Trust for the 2006 funding round. One of the major strengths was the prior knowledge of the Trust and the strength in facilitation skills. The facilitators were able to turn the application process around so people were aware of what reviewers would be looking form.

The final evaluation report and recommendations for the future were a highly useful component of the workshops as we can immediately see how the workshops went. The recommendations provide us with an independent view on possible changes for the future that can be considered. Leah Andrews


Good delivery of overall project outcomes and particularly pilot delivery in companies in the Hunter cluster. Frouke de Reuver


Great training for all of our staff, engaging, informative and fun. Paula Harrison


Lots of small group work grappling with concepts was confronting (hard work with unknown people) BUT rewarding. Very enjoyable presenters and ideas. Nice bunch of participants. Participant comment


Interesting session well put together and with good speakers. The content was not too "dry" and added an amount of humour in way of illustrations in the presentation. Important to attend and fun too. A good session. Workshop Participant - Investa Training   

The presentation style works for this workshop. Two presenters worked, but the workshop could be run effectively by one presenter as long as the basic style of presentation was maintained. Phil Smith


Excellent – laid back style and a good understanding of the client’s needs. A broad and deep knowledge of the National Training Framework assessment systems. Phil Hurst


High standards of customer service and expert knowledge in environmental education. Highly skilled in course design and ability to deliver building interactive processes. Stephen Waite


An interest in and an understanding of men’s health issues. First rate training experience. Assessment ability to identify key issues and needs of the project. Good presentation skills – built rapport with and trust of the volunteers involved in this project effortlessly. Follow up good too. Michael Orchard


Well done; an effective project. Phil Hurst


Expert level knowledge in environmental education and a track record in the field. An ability to build an interactive process.
Stephen Waite


A strength of the world café activity was getting people into exploratory mode. Thanks Grahame, well done. Extract from Workshop evaluation


An excellent trainer…created a day jam packed with enthusiasm from the facilitator and the participants alike. Roberta Styles Wood


Grahame is a fantastic trainer who made the day informative, stimulating and fun, even when my interest might have flagged. Extract from Workshop evaluation


Detailed knowledge of the program content [sustainability]. Justin Sauvage