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T Issues Strategy Development

Better Water Workshop: Swan River Perth WA 2008

Over a number of years and across a number of settings Grahame Collier has been engaged in far reaching strategic approaches to the development and delivery of education. The following documents experience in this area of activity in reverse chronological order. When taken together these demonstrate a depth of background to strategic policy in both the environment and public health sectors.

Projects Undertaken - T Issues Consultancy


Australian Water Association
Development of Australian Curriculum Project – Water Education in Schools
Draft Business Plan July 2011/12 to June 2013/14. This Business Plan is currently being implemented by AWA in collaboration with Water Authorities and other agencies around Australia.

Project Managers: Corinne Cheeseman and Fleur Johnson AWA


Randwick City Council – 3 Council Eco Footprint Project
Barrett House Workshops – Refocus, Reinvent, Expand. Two workshops were planned, delivered and evaluated about future use of Barrett House.

Project Manager: Richard Wilson. Randwick City Council


Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management Authority
Design and delivery of an on-line survey of boaters and fishers along the NSW coast. The survey was then analysed by Grahame Collier and Lee Meredith from T Issues Consultancy and its results informed the development of an education strategy for boaters and fishers. This project was delivered in conjunction with officers from the Sydney Metro Catchment Management Authority, the lead agency for a project team comprising all coastal CMAs.

Project Managers: Lesley Diver, John Naughton and Lynda Dedovic Sydney Metro CMA.


Education Strategy for LANDCOM – Workshop. Fifteen LANDCOM staff attended the workshop which was designed to provide input into the strategic directions for LANDCOM’s education approach. Participants:

  •  gained an improved understanding of education as a driver of sustainable behaviour
  •  considered and clarified the strategic directions for the Education Strategy
  •  provided a range of input into the proposed Education Strategy
  •  become more aware about the range of education activities that LANDCOM  currently delivers

In summary, the workshop was well received by staff and that their feedback was positive.

Project Manager: Felicity Calvert Sustainability Manager LANDCOM


Randwick City Council
Sustainability Outreach Strategy. This project utilised a significant consultation process to develop a community volunteer program for the Randwick Sustainability Hub. It established a way of harnessing and building the communities’ capacity to grow sustainable behaviour among their families, friends, neighbours and peers. It was based on some important perspectives:

Randwick City Council is committed to creating a more sustainable Randwick. It recognises that this can be best achieved by a partnership with the community. 

There is a range of community organisations and individuals within Randwick that are committed to making more sustainable choices in their own lives and helping others to do this too.

The Randwick Community Centre is an important resource and facility for demonstrating sustainable design and practice, and provides an ideal venue for enhancing communication about sustainability. It is the Hub for the Council’s Sustainability Outreach Project.

Project Manager: Fiona Campbell


Parramatta City Council
Development of Parramatta First: Leadership in Sustainability through Education 2010 to 2014 Draft Plan. This major project involved a significant level of consultation with the community, through the Resident Panel and the Council staff. Apart from the draft plan itself two other documents were provided - The Research and Structure Report and the Focus Groups Report. The processes used ensure a high degree of ownership of the Plan among Council staff and the community.

Anthony Collins
Parramatta City Council

Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management Authority
Needs Analysis Workshop: Life Cycle Costing Data and Tools For Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) Assets. Worked on this project coordinated by Dr Andre Taylor [Andre Taylor Consulting] to design the workshop series and to deliver the first workshop in the series.

Andre Taylor
Andre Taylor Consulting

Sydney Water
The development of a new Youth Water Education Strategy for Sydney Water. This strategy has been developed through a significant team consultation process and review of current education activity undertaken by Sydney Water.

Project Manager: Jennifer Fisher
Sydney Water

Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management Authority
Environmental Educational Strategy for Boaters and Fishers. This project involves the development and analyse of an on-line survey of the knowledge, attitudes and current behaviours of boaters and fishers. It is live in late 2010 and will close in February 2011 and results will be analysed and presented to the SMCMA and used for framing of the Education Strategy.

Lesley Diver

Forests NSW: Recreation and Tourism Policy
A three part project for Forests NSW. Part 1 involved the planning and delivery of a one day workshop for senior staff that reviewed the current recreation policy and made decisions about the future policy. Part 2 involved drafting of the new policy in the light of decisions made at the workshop. Part 3 developed, delivered and evaluated a series of workshops around NSW for Forests NSW staff about the new policy.
Project Manager - Parts 1 and 2. Louise Faulkner
Part 3 Joanna Bodley
Forests NSW


Department of Environment Climate Change and Water: Strategic Development of the Ethnic Communities’ Sustainable Living Project Report.

A three report project that identifies strategic directions for the Ethnic Communities’ Sustainable Living Project. The reports contain overall findings and recommendations, results of the consultation and tools for progressing the implementation of the review.

Project Managers: Kylie Walker and Geoff Young
Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water

AIDS Council of NSW: Organisational Review of the NSW Sex Workers Outreach Project

Consultation process and reporting to inform the strategic review of the Sex Worker Outreach Program [SWOP]. The products of this project were the development of a Discussion Paper and three supplementary reports to detail the results of the consultation and to identify a way forward for SWOP.

Project Manager: Jo Holden
Sex Worker Outreach Project


City of Armadale Council [WA] : North Forrestdale Development
Preparation of scope for Tender Document and Developers Brief, North Forrestdale Development. The City of Armadale required the development of a specific schedule in the tender brief to develop an education program for residents on a new development. This project was to be funded by developers and so that apart from the draft tender brief, material was developed to convince developers to financially support the project.


Project Manager: Ron Van Delft
Senior Environmental Planner
City of Armadale


Hassall & Associates for Sydney Catchment Authority (SCA): Visitor Sites Strategic Plan
In this project T Issues was sub-contracted by Hassall and Associates to undertake the education related aspects of the Visitor Sites Strategic Plan project. This was a relatively small component of a larger project.


Project Manager: Mike Butler
Hassall & Associates



NSW Department of Environment and Conservation and Sydney Catchment Management Trust.
Peer Education Approaches for Sustainability: A review of the usefulness of peer education in the environmental education/education for sustainability sectors. The development of a simple 'how to guide' for use by educators. Project conducted with Caroline Ford.


Project Manager: Lynn Webber
Manager Conservation Partnerships
NSW Department of Environment and Conservation 

Sydney Catchment Management Authority: Education Strategy 2003 to 2006

Development of the first education strategy for the Sydney Catchment Management Authority.

Project Manager: Alison White
Sydney Catchment Management Authority

Municipal Association of Victoria [current project]: Smart Septics
A Community Education Project and Strategic Approach to delivery of a septics program by local government across Victoria. Development of education program, print and other materials and council guidance materials.

Project Manager: Nathaniel Muller
Municipal Association of Victoria

Area Health Services: Planning
Development of strategic plans for delivery of HIV/AIDS/Hep C and Sexual Health and Needle and Syringe Programs. A number of separate projects for NSW Area Health Services:
Central Coast AHS [1997 to 2001],
Mid North Coast AHS [2003 to 2006] and
Wentworth AHS [HIV AIDS Plan 2004 to 2007]
Sydney West Area Health Service Sexual Health Plan [2007 to 2010]
Sydney West Area Health Service Needle and Syringe Program Plan [2008 to 2012]

Project Managers:
Mid North Coast AHS: Jenny Heslop
Wentworth AHS: Elizabeth O’Neil
Sydney West AHS: Elizabeth O’Neil/Felicity Sheaves


Sydney Catchment Authority on behalf of a range of agencies.
Facilitation of the development of draft NSW Water Education Plan.

Project Manager: Alison White
Sydney Catchment Management Authority


NSW Council on Environmental Education: Effective Sustainability Education Conference
Convenor of the Effective Sustainability Education Conference 2004

Project Manager; Geoff Young
Secretariat NSW Council on Environmental Education


Strategic Projects prior to T Issues Consultancy


NSW Department of Environment and Conservation. / NSW Environment Protection Authority [1994 to 2004]

  • Managing Lead Contamination in Home Maintenance, Renovation and Demolition Practices. A Guide for Councils [2003].

  • Learning for Sustainability: Education About Waste: What is Good Practice? [2004], not yet released, in publication process.

  • Reducing Unlawful Disposal of Waste; Littering, Illegal Dumping and Illegal Landfilling. A Position Paper [2004]. In publication process.

  • Focusing on Our Future: Strategic Direction and Priorities for Waste Education in NSW.

  • Introduction of POEO Act 1997. Responsible for strategic approach and delivery of council briefings, council training and PR activity.

  • Don’t be A Tosser Litter Prevention Program, including strategic approach, social marketing program, council training and council resource kit.

  • NSW Urban Stormwater Education Program: Responsible for strategic approach, social marketing program, council training and council resource kit. Also responsible for program evaluation.

  • Our Environment- It’s a Living Thing Program: Responsible for strategic development of the program and implementation of social marketing, council program and evaluation.

  • Significant input into the development of Learning for Sustainability: The NSW Government’s Environmental Education Plan 2002 to 2005.


NSW Health [1989 to 1994]

  • NSW HIV and AIDS Health Promotion Plan 1994 to 1996

  • Monographs in HIV/AIDS Education 1989-1993

  • Development of all strategic approaches to education and prevention initiatives.

  • Involvement in the development and NSW management of national HIV/AIDS social marketing campaigns after Grim Reaper.


World Health Organization [1988/89]

  • WHO Series 10. School Health Education to Prevent AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Other Agencies prior to 1988: Grahame Collier also wrote education strategy documents for the NSW Family Planning Association [19985 to 1987] and the then NSW Department of Education [1979 to 1984].





Big fan Grahame. Articulate, good blend of theory and accessibility, practical take away points, and the headline provides some picture ideas. What more can an editor ask for. Richard Collins, Managing Editor, WME Media


Good job on the facilitation.. Tough job done with aplomb (and sincerity, which can sometimes be lacking). Landcom


Expertise to formulate the scope of a tender document in an area where the City had an idea what was wanted but not understanding of the specialist area to do the job.  Ron Van Delft


In all tasks Grahame performed well providing a quality product and overall valuable input into the project provided with confidence and good humour. Mike Butler



Expertise in environmental education [learning for sustainability] has contributed to a quality outcome for a key component of the Integrated Environmental Education Strategy for the Sydney Catchment. Delivery within timeframes without compromising the quality of the work. Lynn Webber