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T Issues Service Planning Projects

Behaviour change training at Manly September 2007

The following provides a brief outline of service planning oriented projects and some client quotes on performance. This page should be read in conjunction with the page on strategic development


Wollongong City Council   Strategic Approach Environmental Health Team
It’s a Team: Planning for a Better Team Functioning. A Facilitated planning workshop to enable improved strategic functioning in environmental health, regulation and special projects teams.

Martin Parmenter
Manager Environment Protection
Wollongong City Council


Department of Environment and Climate Change  - Professional Development for Educators Need Assessment.
This project undertook a major needs assessment of environmental educators across NSW. An online survey [over 350 respondents] and face to face/telephone interviews [with over 130 informants] helped to shape a comprehensive view of educator needs which informed the development of the Learning Hub, recently launched by DECC

Project Manager: Geoff Young / Corey Fox
Manager CEU / Community Involvement Officer
DEC [now DECC]


Sutherland Shire Council
Sutherland Community Gardens Project: A project for [SSC] to work with council, community volunteers and other stakeholders to produce a plan to manage the sustainable house and community gardens in Sutherland.

Project Manager: Kristi Owen
Community Services Planner
Sutherland Shire Council

Mid North Coast Area Health Service: HIV/AIDS Hep C and Sexual Health Planning Project.
An extensive strategic and work planning project, following an initial review of the previous strategic plan. Used focus and work group input and one on one interviews.

Project Manager: Jenny Heslop
Area Manager HIV/Infectious Diseases Program
Mid North Coast Area Health Service

Wentworth Area Health Service.
Development of Five year HIV/AIDS and Sexual Health Plan for the Area Health Service.

Project Manager: Elizabeth O’Neil
Director HIV/AIDS and Sexual Health
Wentworth Area Health Service

Uniting Care Burnside   Kinks and Bends Program
Evaluation and recommendations for future directions of Kinks and Bends. An youth education program about sexual assault and date rape.

Project Manager: Sue Jennings
UnitingCare Burnside

South Western Sydney Area Health Service.
Major review of Needle and Syringe Program in western Sydney. Comprehensive recommendations regarding restructure of the service, all of which are being implemented.

Project Manager: Rosemary Mason
Harm Minimisation Coordinator
Drug Services
South Western Sydney Area Health

Australian Water Association:
Research into Water Education and Development of Strategic Plan for Water Education for the AWA. Total value of contract Also development of 1 day workshop about how to design and deliver community education for the AWA, held in conjunction with the Water Education Conference in January 2004.

Project Manager: Ian Jarman [and Clare Porter]
Chief Operations Officer
Australian Water Association

Sydney Catchment Authority [SCA]:
Development and Implementation of SCA Education Strategy. Training of SCA staff in education service delivery. .

Project Manager: Alison White [Manager Communications]
Project Manager: Stephen Waite [Education Manager]

NSW Council on Environmental Education:
Effective Sustainability Education Conference: Convenor of conference and manager of publishing process. 

Co-Project Manager: Dr Lynn Webber
Manager Community Education
National Parks and Wildlife



The day went well with a variety of activities provided to tease out issues. Very personable and comfortable facilitation. People felt comfortable raising issues. Martin Parmenter


I’m very confident we’ll work better together in future. I think most people participated well – even some people who I know didn’t want to be here …. Workshop Participant


Overall, the needs assessment process was conducted very well, successfully capturing the needs of environmental educators in NSW. Research conducted was solid, providing the DEC and the environmental education community with valuable information about the needs of environmental educators in NSW.

Stakeholder consultation and focus group facilitation was outstanding.

Solid research undertaken upfront enabled T issues to successfully conceptualize the needs of educators and develop a model which has proved useful in progressing project work. Geoff Young / Corey Fox


High level of communication skills, written and verbal. Capacity to listen to all participants and the project manage; skilled in group work and facilitation. Showed respect for all participants in the process. Council was extremely please with the outcome, which met all objectives. Kristi Owen


"Exceptional strengths in group work and facilitating a clear direction. Ability to provide equitable opportunities for all staff and stakeholders to have input/ownership. Jenny Heslop


High quality skills in the development and delivery of review/evaluation and planning activities and provides an excellent level of service. Elizabeth O’Neil


Experience in the field and a grasp of the issues relating to sexual violence and young people. This was really helpful in understanding the program and in developing questions and meant that time didn’t have to be wasted in doing this. Previous experience in working with young people was also a real advantage. We also relied on Grahame’s experience in developing the evaluation. So good to work with someone who always keeps to timelines and produces such quality work. Sue Jennings


Comprehensive, flexibility, worked within time lines, related well to staff and consumers, people felt comfortable and not threatened. Rosemary Mason


"The overall professionalism and adaptability of T Issues exceeded expectations. AWA achieved its desired outcomes from both a project management…and strategic development."   Ian Jarman


"High standard of customer service. Empathy with organisational constraints and requirements. Ability to build on interactive process."   Alison White, Stephen Waite


Your dedication, motivation and professionalism resulted in a highly successful conference. Your excellent organisational and interpersonal skills enabled the Conference Steering Committee to realise their vision and ensured that this event was a positive, affirming experience for….speakers,….delegates and other education stakeholders."  Dr Lynn Webber