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T Issues Local Government Projects

Blacktown City Council Community Nursery Evaluation 2007

Grahame Collier is very experienced in working with local government in the development, delivery and evaluation of education and training programs. Descriptions of projects undertaken with local government are to be found on various pages of this website. Some indication of the breadth of experience that Grahame Collier brings to work with local government is detailed below.


Work as T Issues Consultancy


Central Regional Organisation of Councils [Centroc]
That's a Good Idea! Mentoring Program. Mentoring of two council staff from Young Shire Council as a part of the TAGI mentoring program. This was a six month mentoring program involving face-to-face and phone/email mentoring.

Rachael Young


Central Regional Organisation of Councils [Centroc]
Project Management of the final five months of the That's a Good Idea! Mentoring Program. This Program formed an effective component of the overall Thatís a Good Idea [TAGI] Program. The mentoring program was undertaken with nominated staff from five Centroc Councils in the Central West of NSW and was evaluated as a part of the evaluation of the whole TAGI program. I coordinated the end stage of the program and undertook the evaluation.

Rachael Young


Some of the mentors and mentees TAGI mentoring program


City of Sydney Council. Itís All About Behaviour

A significant project to inform the development of the Cityís Residential Environmental Action Strategy. This project developed four reports and focused on how Council promoted behaviour change among its residents. A significant literature review and consultation [17 focus groups] formed the bulk of the project.


Project Manager: Louise Holt

City of Sydney


Ryde City Council. Lane Cove River Ė Our Backyard

Development of an education project designed to encourage connection with the Lane Cove River for four Councils, Willoughby, Lane Cove, Ryde and Hunters Hill. This project was undertaken with Kerry Hides-Pearson from TerraCordis.


Project Manager: Sam Capelli

Ryde City Council


City of Sydney Council. Review of the Cityís Waste Management Strategy

Along with Phil Smith, Grahame Collier undertook a strategic review of the draft of the Cityís Waste Management Strategy


Project Manager: Michael Neville

City of Sydney Council


Holroyd City Council. Social Housing Project

Development and delivery of eight workshops for social housing residents in Holroyd and evaluation of this workshop series. This project was conducted with Phil Smith.


Project Manager: Bernadette McKinnon

Holroyd City Council


Lane Cove Council. Shifting Towards Sustainability Workshops

Development, delivery and evaluation of seventeen community workshops for Lane Cove residents. Significant communication occurred with local Lane Cove community groups and involvement of representatives of these groups in workshop planning and delivery. This project was conducted in conjunction with Phil Smith


Project Manager: Claire Brittain

Lane Cove Council


Liverpool City Council. Sustainability Planning

Facilitation of three focus groups Ė staff, managers, senior management/ administrator to gain input into and support for Councilís proposed Sustainability Framework. This work was undertaken with Lee Meredith. A detailed report on the outputs from the focus groups was submitted to council. This included recommendations for how to carry the Framework forward.


Project Manager: Andrew Houguet

Liverpool City Council


Ashfield Council. Facilitation of two Sustainability Street Planning Workshops. In this project Grahame Collier facilitated two workshops for groups of community volunteers who were planning local sustainability Street initiatives. One was for volunteers in Summer Hill and the other in Ashfield.


Project Manager: Janene Harris

Ashfield Council


Bankstown City Council: Facilitation of two Energy workshops

One at Bankstown Sports Club and the other at Revesby Workersí Club. These workshops were a part of Councilís Green House Program


Project Manager: Jenna Hore

Bankstown City Council


Facilitation of Regional Sustainability Seminars 2004.

These seminars were conducted in three locations [Tamworth, Lismore and Shellharbour] during 2004. They were joint activities between local government and a range of state government agencies. Grahame Collier facilitated each of the seminars.


Project manager: Fil Cerone

Impact Environmental


Broken Hill City Council: Stormwater Project.

In conjunction with Elton Consulting Grahame Collier developed and focus tested a significant stormwater education program, focusing on litter prevention and residential stormwater run-off.


Project Manager: Peter Oldsen

Broken Hill City Council


Sutherland Shire Council: Sustainability House and Community Gardens Project.

Ongoing Project. Grahame Collier has facilitated a number of workshops with council staff, community volunteers and other key stakeholders to develop a shared vision and plan for the house and gardens.


Project Manager Kristi Owen

Sutherland Shire Council



Grahame Collier has been on the judging panel of the NSW Local Government and Shires Associations Environmental Education Award. Also since 2004 he has judged the LGSA Sustainability Award. For eight years Grahame Collier was a judge at the Australian Museum Banksia Awards.



While Employed by the NSW Environment Protection Authority


Introduction of the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1999.

Grahame Collier was responsible for the development of training for local government Environmental Health Officers to introduce the new legislation. He also oversaw the preparation of all guidance material to support this training. Two training programs were developed:

  • A one-day introductory training program. This was provided free to two officers per council in NSW [300 plus] and then on a user pays basis by a licensed training provider [a further 800 plus officers were trained].

  • A sixty hour accredited training course was developed with a licensed provider and delivered on a user pays basis to over 300 Environmental Health Officers

The NSW Branch of the Institute of Environmental Health and the NSW Local Government and Shires Associations were significantly involved in this project.


Development and Delivery of the Litter itís in your Hands and Don't be a Tosser Campaigns [1999 to 2003].

These significant social marketing campaigns provided specific support for local government by way of:

  • Training for environmental health and enforcement staff on the litter legislation and community education approaches. Developed and in part delivered by Grahame Collier in ten locations around NSW.

  • A Council education kit, containing all campaign material and assistance in how to localise it.

  • Ongoing guidance and support for Councils implementing litter programs


Development and delivery of the NSW State-wide Urban Stormwater Education Program [1998 to 2003].

The architect of this program, Grahame Collier worked extensively with local government in the:

  • Development of the strategic approach to the issue of stormwater and how education might assist.

  • Development and delivery of 4 phases of the mass medial campaign.

  • Development of a council kit to carry all products further.

  • Development and some delivery of training [2 days] for council staff in how to plan and evaluate education about stormwater.

  • Support for on the ground planning of local government stormwater projects.


Development and delivery of the Our Environment Ė Itís a Living Thing Program

Grahame Collier managed this extensive social marketing program in 2002 and in early 2003. At that time 43 Council Partners joined the program and conducted local initiatives supporting this movement towards sustainability.



While with the Department of Environment and Conservation [2003 -2004]

  • Significant involvement in the planning of training of local government staff to implement the Our Environment Ė Itís a Living Thing Local Government Initiatives Program. This involved delivery of a one day training program based around the Council Kit for this project. Grahame Collier delivered seven of these workshops.

  • Development of the draft document Education About Waste: What is Good Practice, involved significant local government input and the identification of case studies to support this document. 80 local government case studies were sourced in all.

  • Involvement in the project Multi Unit Dwelling Illegal Dumping Project. This involves chairing a local government reference group, significant input into the development of a council kit to assist local government to implement the program.


Other Relevant Experience

Grahame Collier also undertook significant work with local government while employed by NSW Health in the AIDS program 1989 to 1994. This largely focused on developing guidelines about needles and syringes to support clean up regimes. Negotiation was undertaken with the relevant professional associations including the Institute of Environmental Health.



The work was outstanding, on time, of high quality and thoughtfulness. Grahameís experience as a mentor and educator was invaluable as was his commitment to the program and the mentees. Calm organisational skills, professional approach to getting the work done, persistence in the face of mentees not returning calls. Rachael Young, Centroc


The Committee loved it and endorsed it on the spot - now going forward for formal Council meeting endorsement! I really appreciate your inputs - I think every strategic area of Council should have a permanent external mentor to review and help frame the development of projects, policy and strategy etc.  How good would that be? Matt Brewster, Lithgow City Council


You and Kerry have done a fantastic job in getting the kit together in the manner it has and the kit will be a very useful tool for the partner Councils in various ways. Sam Capelli