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T Issues Public Health Projects

Training in Vietnam – HIV/AIDS Prevention in Drug Treatment Centre

Grahame Collier for T Issues Consultancy has undertaken a number of projects in the Public Health sector. The majority of these are detailed below, but where they involve facilitation, evaluation and/or training, they will be detailed on the relevant pages of this website.

The information below provides some information about the more general projects undertaken in the public health arena. All project managers listed will provide feedback on the performance of T Issues about each of the projects.


Ministry of Health
Development and facilitation of 11 workshops in 12 days across NSW with Local Gvernment staff as a major part of the consultation for the Draft Public Health Regulation 2011. Significant report written proposing major changes in the regulatory framework proposed by the draft Regulation. Formally, Ministry of Health established that the consultation undertaken in this project was intended to:

  • Identify issues of concern to stakeholders in local government through conducting consultation workshops with these stakeholders

  • Identify proposed solutions to issues of concern raised by stakeholders in local government through the consultation workshops

  • Obtain specific feedback on possible fees to be charged for a range of matters under the Act, such as inspections and improvement notices; centralised registers; and drinking water quality assurance requirements

  • Develop a report identifying major issues and proposed solutions identified during the consultation with stakeholders in local government.

This project was delivered in conjunction with Hazel Storey from the Storey Agency.

Project Manager: Kim Stewart NSW Health in conjunction with Gemma Broderick and Deborah Ross.

NSW Health
Development and facilitation of 11 workshops in 12 days across NSW with Local Government staff as a major part of the consultation for the Public Health Bill 2010. Significant report written proposing major changes in the regulatory framework proposed by the draft bill. Project delivered in conjunction with Hazel Storey from the Storey Agency.

Kim Stewart
NSW Health

NSW Health (2). Consultation with Local Government about the Public Health Bill 2010
Project in progress, Facilitation of ten workshops across NSW for Councils related to the exposure draft of the proposed Public Health Act 2010. Project conducted with Hazel Storey [The Storey Agency]
Project Managers: Jo Alley/Kim Stewart
NSW Health

AIDS Council of NSW. Organisational Review of the NSW Sex Workers Outreach Project - Discussion Paper.
A significant depth consultation conducted as a part of a review of the Sex Worker Outreach Project. Consultation report provided outlining input from workers and key stakeholders including government, health services and non for profit organisations.

Project Manager: Jo Holden
Manager, Sex Worker Outreach Program
AIDS Council of NSW

Sydney West Area Health Service: The Needle and Syringe Program - Service Model 2008.
Development of a service model for the delivery of injecting equipment in Sydney West. This project involved:

  • Significant stakeholder consultations

  • Review of current operating structure

  • Description of current primary health care model as delivered by the South Court Extended Primary Care Centre

  • Development of the service model for the Area.

Sydney West Area Health Service: Needle and Syringe Program Strategic Plan 2008 to 2012.
This project followed the one above and developed am Area Strategic Plan for the needle and syringe delivery in Sydney West.

Sydney West Area Health Service: HIV and Sexual Health Plan 2007 to 2010
Significant support provides for aspects of the development of the Area’s Sexual Health Plan.

North Coast Area Health Service Evaluation of HIV/AIDS Enhanced Primary Care Project :
An evaluation of the first three years of operation of the HIV/AIDS Enhanced Primary Care Project conducted out of the Lismore Sexual Health and AIDS Service. This project delivered a report with significant recommendations about future project delivery.

Jen Ireland
Manager Sexual Health Service

World Health Organization: Western Pacific Regional Office.
Development, trialing and peer review of Inside Out: HIV Harm Reduction Education for Closed Settings. This staff training kit and community [resident] education material was produced by Grahame Collier and Elizabeth O’Neil. The material was field tested in China and Viet Nam.
This project involved delivery of a five-day train the trainer workshop in Viet Nam.

Gray Sattler
Technical Officer: Harm Reduction

Mid North Coast Area Health Service:
An extensive strategic and work planning project that built on an initial review of the previous strategic plan. This project used focus and work group input and one-on-one interviews to obtain relevant data on which to base the resultant Plan.

Jenny Heslop
Area Manager HIV/Infectious Diseases Program
Mid North Coast Area Health Service

Mid North Coast Area Health Service Evaluation of the Hepatitis C Enhanced Primary Care Plan [Hep C EPC Project].
A project which involved a survey of GPs one on one interviews of key informant, and a focus group, to assess the impact of the project on people with Hep C and their medical service providers [especially GPs]

Jana Van der Jagt
Area Coordinator HEP C and NSP
Mid North Coast Area Health Service

South Western Sydney Area Health Service.

Comprehensive recommendations regarding restructure of the service, all of which are being implemented.

Rosemary Mason
Harm Minimisation Coordinator
Drug Services
South Western Sydney Area Health

New England Area Health Service. Review of AIDS and Sexual Health Service
A high level review the Area’s provision of sexual health services and set of recommendations for future activity and structure.

Sue Miller
Public Health Officer. Population Health and Planning
New England Area Health Service

Queensland AIDS Council. Review of Best Practice In Group Work With Gay Men.
This project was conducted in conjunction with Dr Rigmor Berg of BB Professional Services. It involved a literature review and extensive input from key informants about what are the components of good practice group work programs, including peer education

Project Manager: Rigmor Berg

BB Professional Services] Lead Consultant]

Northern Sydney Central Coast Area Health Service. Evaluation of the Steps to Respect Primary School Kit.
This project could be placed on the evaluation page of this website. It is placed here however, because it involves work with a major public health intervention on the Central Coast of NSW. The work that T Issues undertook was the evaluation of the Schools component of the program.

Ms Catherine Seventy
Jigsaw Project Officer
Northern Sydney Central Coast Area Health




Grahame and Hazel were great The MOH has reached new heights in the areas of public consultation. [Participant at Public Health Regulation Workshop]


A very well run consultation process- thank you.  Participant in Public Health Bill consultation 2010


The Department is indeed fortunate to have been able to engage facilitators of the quality of Grahame and Hazel.  We have also been impressed by the thoughtful and constructive feedback we have received, and the effort which local government stakeholders have invested in the consultation process. Kim Stewart. NSW Health



Brought a sound understanding of the relevant issues to the evaluation. Excellent communication skills both verbal and written. Conducted the evaluation in a highly skilled way and presented the final report before the due date. Able to move from project objectives to assess if outcomes had been achieved and more! Jen Ireland



Extensive experience in planning, training design and management. Extremely cooperative and willing to assist in achieving WHO goals for this project. Particularly understanding of the difficulties and delays that can arise from working in a bureaucracy and with several countries and stakeholders Gray Sattler


Very comprehensive workshop – content and way of delivering
Learning by practicing was very good. Co-facilitation was very good
Content was very well organised and facilitators were very responsible.
The workshop combined the factual information with energizers and other activities very harmoniously Very patient trainers
. Participant comments WHO Training


"Exceptional strengths in group work and facilitating a clear direction. Ability to provide equitable opportunities for all staff and stakeholders to have input/ownership." Jenny Heslop


"Comprehensive, flexibility, worked within time lines, related well to staff and consumers, people felt comfortable and not threatened." Rosemary Mason


"Tailored evaluation plan to meet budget. Cost for quality of the final evaluation report and the workload involved was very reasonable. Flexible, excellent communication, highly organised". Jana Van der Jagt



"Grahame had the ability to gather information that was both focused and highly relevant to the central issues of sexual health...ability to listen was exceptional. His ability to meet tight deadlines is commended" Sue Miller


A fine evaluation of a challenging project. Catherine Seventy