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T Issues  Company Profile

What T Issues Consultancy Offers You

Established in 1997, T Issues Consultancy offers a unique mix of consultancy support for government, industry and non-government agencies. Services generally focus on environment, public health and or/social justice areas and primarily develop education, training and engaging community approaches

T Issues Consultancy works with each client to resolve tricky issues related to training of staff and others, program/service planning, program/service evaluation, education and training delivery and/or improving the capacity, skill and functioning of your staff. Bringing integrity, experience and a lateral approach, T Issues has worked directly with government, industry and community clients and on a sub- contractual basis with other consultancy groups. When a client contacts T Issues, Grahame Collier works on every project.

Grahame Collier

T Issues Consultancy supports supports a number of international and national community aid organisations including:




MITRATAA FOUNDATION Changing the lives of women and girls in Nepal


Specifically T Issues Consultancy can help you with:

  • Tailoring specific solutions to education and training problems and issues

  • Building and designing education and training programs that will achieve behaviour change

  • Delivering high quality education and training programs

  • Facilitation to assist in the smooth and energetic delivery of programs and events

  • Needs assessment, review and evaluation of programs and services.

  • Support for, and mentoring of managers and staff in the development, delivery and evaluation of education and training programs

  • The identification and planning of strategic approaches to social justice challenges, especially in areas related to public health and the environment.

If your needs relate to any of the following questions, T Issues Consultancy can help you:

  • How do I design, implement and/or evaluate a training package, social marketing program community engagement processes or educational program?

  • Why isnít my team or my project performing to capacity? How can we improve output? What training do we need?

  • I need help with development of a strategic approach, program planning, evaluation or developing performance indicators but where do I get it?

  • I need some staff training to address a problem, but I donít have the time/capacity to develop a training program or to evaluate it fully. What can I do?

  • Can I facilitate this workshop or problem solving meeting myself or do I need help?

  • How do I structure my service or program so that it is more effective?

  • Is my program or service working?


Why Would You Contract T Issues Consultancy?

When you are contracting a consultant it is important that you get someone you can trust, who can do the job and do it well.

T Issues Consultancy Core Values

In order to provide the best services to each of its clients, T Issues Consultancy is a highly ethical company, built on the following principles.

T Issues Consultancy:

  • Values the highest quality performance every time.

  • Provides value for money for every client.

  • Finds the best possible solutions to every need/problem.

  • Shares capacity and experience so that the skills and understandings of the client are enhanced through each project.

  • Values interactivity so that all training and other projects have a high level of engagement.

  • Respects all inputs so that projects are undertaken with clients rather than for them.

  • Delivers reports and materials that clients can use.

Grahame Collier
Director, T issues Consultancy